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  • Booking
    Submit a wedding enquiry which can be found at the top of each page. I operate on a ‘first come first serve’ basis and whilst I may have confirmed availability, your booking will not be confirmed, or your date held, until your booking payment has been received. A deposit of 20% is required to secure booking. The payment is non refundable and is deducted from the total. An assistant will be added to bookings if needed (fee of £60 per assistant) Once payment is received you will receive confirmation of your booking.
  • Payments
    Following deposit (20% of wedding day total) you will be sent confirmation of your booking via email. Your booking form will include details of your final balance payable and details of your wedding trial costs. Please be sure to put your initials and wedding date as reference. Any deposit amount paid will be deducted from the total wedding day price. If this balance is not paid within this timescale then your booking may be cancelled. A bank transfer is a safe and easy way to make payment. These details will be provided via email. Wedding Hair Trial - payment for this must be paid 7 days before your booking via bank transfer. Wedding Day - your final balance must be paid 4 weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Travel
    Travel expenses are charged from the artist home, based on a round trip. This is charged at 55p per miles. Should you wish for me to travel between venues then extra costs will apply and will only be possible by prior agreement. This will be clearly stated on your personalised quote and incorporated within your final balance payment. I am happy to travel to all UK destinations. Where time does not allow me to make the journey on the day in question, accommodation expenses will apply.
  • Wedding Trial
    A date will be agreed by both parties, I recommend a consultation, 2-3 months prior to your big day. Consultations last around 2 hours and are the perfect time for the two of us to create something towards your special day, I love to get a feel for who you are, understanding your style and theme for your wedding day. Giving you my professional advice on looks to try. Once you are happy with the chosen wedding hair style we will ensure that a detailed record of all products used in the trial are recorded for your own personal use. Photos and videos will be taken this helps to replicate the look on the big day. The cost for a trial is £120. I use a range of premium and professional products. If you have a specific product that you wish to incorporate into this hair routine for your wedding day you are able to bring it along to this session and if possible, It will be used. Payment is due at the time of your consultation. This payment must be made via bank transfer and reference with your initials and wedding date. ( eg AB 01 01 20)
  • Destination Weddings
    Please provide details of your request in writing and I will provide a personalised quote. I will require the cost of return flights, transfers and a minimum of two nights accommodation to be covered. For larger bridal parties a qualified Hair assistant may be required to ensure the smooth running of your day (assistant fee will apply). Please note that their fights, accommodation and expenses will also need to be covered on top of the services they provide. In the unlikely event that myself or an assistant are unable to attend your wedding due to illness or any unforeseen circumstances an alternative qualified artist will be found. Any changes or additional flights/accommodation will not be charged.
  • Wedding Day
    I will arrive at the confirmed venue at the confirmed time, as stated upon your booking form. Where possible please make the venue staff aware of my arrival so they are able to provide room access/room number etc where necessary. Please ensure that each member of the bridal party receiving hair services is available upon my request. All hair must be freshly washed and dried prior to their sitting, if any party member has wet hair this will shorten their styling service and may lead to cancellation of their hair. Scheduled timetables will be provided prior to the wedding morning. Please make sure all accessories ( such as hair accessories/veil etc ) are available and provided to me prior to any services taking place.
  • Allergies
    Please inform me prior if you suffer from: Any known allergy Specific hair products/ingredients Have any skin or hair conditions or have increased scalp sensitivity when exposed to heat.
  • Photography
    Photos will be taken during your wedding trial for reference and on your wedding day. These pictures may or may not be used on our website, as part of a portfolio which may or may not be used on Instagram or any other advertising which Tiffany Natasha Bridal undertakes. By signing these terms and conditions you are confirming that you have no objection to your photos being used in this way. If you object to your pictures being used, please inform us accordingly
  • Changes or Cancellation to your booking
    Adding to your booking for additional parties to the original booking can only be accepted if time/resources allow on your wedding day. You will be invoiced accordingly and the same payment instruction will apply. Reducing the number in your bridal party or the services booked must be requested no later than 30 days before the wedding day or the original balance will still be required. Should your booking decrease then fulfilling the booking will be at my discretion. All deposit payments will be non refundable. I only accept one booking per day it is imperative that I protect myself against loss of earnings. Change of Date from the original booking you must inform me as soon as possible. I will try to accommodate changes however this is subject to availability. Cancellation of your booking or reducing booking numbers (after submitting your booking form and deposit). 6 months or more before your wedding date, you will not be billed for the remainder of the balance due but will lose your deposit. 2 months or less your balance will be due in full. All cancellations must be put in writing ASAP by the named person on booking form.
  • Changes or Cancellation made by Tiffany Natasha Bridal
    In the unlikely event that we are unable to attend your booking due to sickness, injury, personal emergency or any other circumstance beyond her control, we will endeavour to find a replacement hairstylist of a similar standard. This cannot, however, be guaranteed. If we are unable to find a replacement hairstylist, you will receive a full refund of monies paid, less the trial cost.
  • Liability
    We are not an insurer or a guarantor and disclaims all liability in such capacity. If you are seeking a guarantee against cancellation, loss or damage you should obtain appropriate insurance. All services are conducted on the basis of the information, documents and/or photographs provided by you. Services are for the benefit of you and anyone who you choose to provide services for under this contract. We are not liable to you or any third party for any actions or omissions outside the remit of the service supplied. Nor is she liable for any problems arising as a result of unclear, erroneous, incomplete, misleading or false information supplied. We are not liable for any delayed, partial or total non-performance of the services arising directly or indirectly from any event outside her control including your failure to comply with any of your obligations. Our liability in respect of any claim for loss, damage or expense of any nature, shall in no circumstances exceed the costs of services she has been contracted to provide. Should I at any point during the trial or wedding day feel intimidated or threatened in any way, verbally, physically or other, I am within my right to void the booking and leave the premises immediately. Should this situation arise then all money paid to me will be non refundable and I will not be liable to return any costs. Any breakages or damages or loss to my kit or belongings through fault of any members of the wedding party (children / animals etc) will be billed directly to the client. Please be aware that heated tools can be hazardous to young children especially and they should be kept away from the workstation at all times. I will not accept any loss of earnings due to difficulties experienced by other outside services/Vendors that may hinder the services I provide on the day.
  • Further information
    Any further information required, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
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